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In 2015 the Kentuckiana Detachment of the Marine Corps League and the Buechel Woman’s Club brokered a unique partnership that benefitted both groups.   The Woman’s Club agreed to sell their building to the Marine Corps League.  Under the agreement, the Marines would take over the responsibilities for the building’s maintenance and hall rental and the Woman’s Club would have the clubhouse available to them for meetings, card parties and other endeavors that would help them continue their long history of philanthropy. History of the Buechel Woman’s Club (Taken from minutes of their meetings) On September 2, 1938, eight women met and organized the Buechel Woman’s Club.  Meetings were held at the homes of members. The club continued to grow and met in various places while saving for a permanent home.  Income came from rentals, style shows, Saturday night dinners, a teen club and dinners for groups such as the Kiwanis.  The organization became well known through the years for its many volunteers, charitable activities, and philanthropic donations. In June of 1951, the residence on Bashford Manor Farms was purchased.  By 1971, it became too big an expense to maintain and eventually was sold in February of 1973.  After taxes and fees, the sale netted $128,007.22.  The club began meeting at Bashford Manor Church. In March of 1974, a contract was signed for the Hunsinger property at 2805 Klondike Lane that comprised of a house set on 2.94 acres of land.    A contract for $111,400 was signed in March of 1975. The groundbreaking was in April and the facility was built at what would become 3758 Pulliam Drive on the Hunsinger plot.  At its dedication on September 7, 1975, it was noted that the Victorian mirror from the Bashford Manor Farms house was to be hung in the new entrance hall.  Also in September of that year the house on Klondike Lane was sold.  The club continued to grow and prosper for the next twenty or more years, but as more and more women returned to the workforce and its original members began aging, membership went down.  Although the rental market was good, it became difficult to maintain the building and manage the rentals.  By the winter of 2015, some feared they would have to fold. As told by one of the Woman’s Club members to a Marine Corps League member, they decided to seek a buyer that would allow their membership to continue to use the building – and then they prayed. Within just a few short weeks a member of the Marine Corps League saw their rental sign and called to ask if they were interested in selling the building.   And so the partnership with the MCL Det 729 and BWC began. Click here for information about the Marine Corps League Detachment 729

Building Info

  • +1(502)456-6070
  • 1830 Square Foot
  • Comfortably seats 125 with dance floor
  • ALL NEW 12 6ft tables, 12 60"round tables, 3 8ft tables, 175 chairs
  • 2 Parking Lots and Wi/Fi available

For inquiries or setting up a date for renting our facility please fill out the information below.